Official Rules 2019



1. Teams wishing to join Extreme Bass Anglerz and fish the trail must be approved by the Board of Directors.  The Membership Form may be submitted in person, by mail, via email ( or online (  Approved teams will be required to pay the $60.00 membership fee and all Regular Season tournament entry fees (7@$60.00/each) for a total payment of $480.00 before March 1st. 

2. Tournaments may be fished individually or as a team. If an angler is fishing as a team, he or she may only substitute partners for two tournaments.  If an angler is fishing as a team but their partner is unable to fish, he or she may fish individually. If an angler substitutes a partner, that substitute must pay a $10 non-member fee per tournament. Youth under 16 can substitute at no cost. Teams may not substitute partners for the “Classic”. Members may not substitute with another club member from another Extreme Bass Anglerz team.  We all understand that emergencies and schedule conflicts occur and that a member's partner may not be able to fish. However, the member wishing to use a substitute must give the Board of Directors advance notice of no less than one week prior to that tournament, as all Board members must approve the substitute.  If unforeseen events cause an angler to have less than one week notice, he or she may request approval for a substitute. The Board will try to review and approve the sub, but approval is not guaranteed and will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. If an angler arrives at a tournament with a substitute that has not been approved by the Board, he or she will not be allowed to fish. The use of substitutes in order to get an advantage on a body of water is not permitted, (example: guides, professionals, or anglers that fish that body of water often). If a member seeks the Board of Directors vote for a substitute and it is approved but later found out that the substitute was used to gain an advantage, the member using the substitute will not receive points for that tournament.

2.a Partner Changes. The only exceptions for a partner change during the tournament season are: military deployment or death of a partner. If either should occur, that team's points remain the same with the new team member taking over for the previous partner. If a partner change occurs for another reason, that team will start again with zero points as a new team, and must be approved by all Board Members, with full membership fees paid in advance of any tournaments to be fished.

3. Entry fees for Regular Season tournaments must be prepaid by March 1st. The club secretary will collect the entry fees. Entry Fees are $60.00 per boat, with $10.00 going towards the “Big Fish” pot. The Classic entry fee will be paid Saturday morning prior to launch (see paragraph 10 below for further information regarding the Classic).  Classic entry fees must be paid in cash, no checks as all money collected is paid directly back at the end of tournament.  All teams must check-in with the Tournament Director not later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled launch.  Any team who arrives late or chooses to not participate will be disqualified and forfeit the prepaid entry fee.

4. All anglers are encouraged to have their life vest on when the gas engine is running as well as having their life vest attached to the kill switch.

5. Boat Launch. The launch sequence will be determined by a draw (each team drawing a number to determine their launch position) the morning of the tournament. All tournaments will have a launch sequence.

6. Livewells must be open and checked by a Board member 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start. Once your livewell is checked, a ribbon will be placed on your trolling motor (this means the livewell has been checked). It is your responsibility to find a Board member to check your livewell, they will not find you. If your livewell has not been properly checked and a ribbon placed on the trolling motor, you will not be allowed to fish and will not receive points for the tournament.

7. Once your livewell is checked, you may put your boat in the water. You can start your engine; however, you must be within 50 yards of the boat ramp at all times until blast off. No fishing is allowed during this time.

8. The tournament will begin on time. The Board of Directors may delay launch due to weather or an emergency. Launch will not be delayed due to someone being late. Again, the tournament will begin on time except for weather conditions. It is a good idea to get to the ramp early due to ramp traffic, etc.

9. There is no “Off Limits” for regular season tournaments.

10. The “Classic” will be the final tournament of the year. The entry fee for the “Classic” will be $100.00 per boat with $20.00 going towards the “Big Fish” pot. A big fish award will be given each day. In order to be eligible to fish the “Classic”, teams must have prepaid both the membership fee and Regular Season tournament entry fees as required by Paragraph 1 above. Off limits for the “Classic” are from Monday the week of the Classic until safe light on Thursday. You may pre-fish for the Classic on Thursday and Friday. The payout for the Classic will pay at least the top 5 places. Payouts from the Classic generally will be higher due to additional money added from club fundraisers and membership fees.

11. Only artificial baits may be used during tournaments. No cut bait or dead fish may be used as bait (this applies to dead prepared bait fish sold at bait/tackle shops and retail stores). Pork trailers are allowed. If a member is found in violation of this rule by the board of directors, the angler will be disqualified from the tournament and banned from all club activities.

12. Only one rod may be used at a time. No trolling is permitted.

13. Five fish limit of bass (largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted) may be weighed. All slot limits will be adhered to.

14. There will be a dead fish penalty which will result in a .25 pound penalty per dead fish. You may not cull a dead fish. Please take every precaution necessary to keep your fish alive.

15. Culling. All culling must take place on the water and during tournament hours. If a member is found in violation of this rule by the Board of Directors, the angler will be disqualified from the tournament and will not receive points.

16. Fish must be measured with their mouth closed and tail pinched. The Board of Directors will measure fish brought to weigh in on a “Golden Rule”. Any fish that is in the slot will not be weighed and the Team/Angler will be accessed a one pound penalty. Once the fish is brought to the scales, it cannot be taken back to your boat. It will be measured. Extreme Bass Anglerz will have the Official Golden Rule available the morning of the tournament in case anglers want to compare their Golden Rule to the official Golden Rule.

17. The largest fish weighed by a Team/Angler will be awarded the Big Fish Pot. If a Team/Angler ties for Big Fish, the Big Fish Pot will be divided evenly and distributed to the individuals tied for Big Fish. A dead fish can be weighed for the Big Fish; however, the dead fish penalty will be applied to the fish.

18. In the event that a Team/Angler ties for First Place, Second Place, or Third Place, the tie will be broken by the Team/Anglers biggest fish.

19. Points will be awarded to Teams/Anglers based on their finish of each tournament. This will be used for Team/Angler standings and year end awards (Team/Angler of the Year). 100 points will be given to 1st place, 99 points for 2nd place, 98 points to 3rd place and so on. In the event that a team ties, they will receive the same number of points and the spot below the tied team will remain empty. For example, if two teams tie for second, they will receive 99 points apiece. Then, the next team receiving points will be fourth place at 97 points. The team/angler that does not catch any fish will be awarded 10 fewer points that the team/angler weighing a fish. The Team/Angler with the highest points at the end of the year will be awarded “Team/Angler of the Year”. All teams will drop points from one tournament per year excluding the Classic. The points dropped tournament may be used for a tournament that your team did not compete in or your lowest finish points tournament during the regular season.

20. Year End Points Standings. In the event there is a tie for first place at the end of the year in the points standings, the team with the heaviest five fish weight (from all regular season tournaments and the Classic) for the year will be the “Team of the Year”. Team of the Year will receive free entry fees to regular season points tournaments (excluding the Classic) the following year. This prize can only be used by the Team of the Year. It is not transferable and has no monetary value. If the Team of the Year splits up and fishes on separate teams the prize is void. If the Team of the Year uses a substitute the sub must pay a $10 non-member fee per tournament.

21. Boats eligible for the tournaments must have a gasoline outboard. No Jon boats with electric motors are permitted. Jet boats are allowed. However, the river above the first set of riffles at Egypt Bend is off limits. At other Lakes and Rivers off limits areas may be set at discretion of the board.

22. Each angler must obey all fishing laws at all times regarding each body of water.

23. Each boat must have a livewell, and all the necessary equipment both functional and safety mandated by law to operate.

24. Each boat must have running lights that are functional and such lights must be used during low light conditions and fog.

25. Tournament hours will be posted on the tournament schedule but can be changed the morning of the tournament due to weather conditions.

26. Be courteous to your fellow anglers and show sportsmanship. Remember, fishing is about having fun.

27. No angler may leave the boat to land or catch a fish.

28. Anglers must remain in their boat during tournament hours. However, in the case of an emergency (sick, using the bathroom, severe storm, or other dangerous situations) you may leave the boat. If a team or angler decides to stop fishing and leave the water, it is the team's/angler’s duty to contact a Board member and let them know they are leaving. If one team member leaves the water early (other than in case of emergency), he/she may not return to the boat and begin fishing again.

29. Teams/anglers must arrive at the dock for weigh in at the official weigh in time. Anglers not at the dock at the designated time will be accessed a one pound penalty per minute for every minute they are late. The pound per minute late penalty will also apply not only to the angler/teams entire catch but also to the angler/teams largest fish. Thus, if an angler/team is 5 minutes late to the weigh in, five pounds will be deducted from their total weight. However, if they have a big fish, five pounds will be deducted from that fish as well for the big fish award. After 15 minutes, the Team/Anglers will be disqualified. In the case of emergency (engine malfunction, etc….) anglers are encouraged to contact tournament staff by cell phone. Cell phone numbers of tournament staff will be distributed at the club meeting or you can speak to a Board member to obtain numbers. If there is an emergency (example: engine failure), one team member may leave their boat and ride back to weigh in with another club member. However, they may not take any rods with them, they cannot fish on their way back to weigh in, and all of the fish MUST have culling tags/strips on the fish and they MUST be in SEPARATE livewell, no exceptions. If they do not have culling tags/strips and are not in separate livewells, the fish will not be weighed.

30. A Team's/Anglers protest must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Director within fifteen minutes of the close of the weigh in procedures. The written protest must be signed by the angler/team protesting. This written protest must be given to a Board member within fifteen minutes of the close of weigh in procedures. Once the Board of Directors obtains the protest, they will discuss in private as well as speaking to the protesting team/angler in order to gain all information and/or clarify the protest. Then, the Board of Directors will meet with the angler/team that is being protested to gain their information. The Board of Directors has the right to also meet with other members that may have witnessed or have knowledge of the alleged offense. After such information is gathered, the Board of Directors can vote on site in regards to the protest or they can delay the vote to another location. Once the Board of Directors vote on the outcome, the outcome is final. If a team/angler is found guilty, that angler/team will accept the penalties as final and failure do so may result in termination from Extreme Bass Anglerz. If the angler/team being protested has placed to receive money in the tournament, all payouts will be held until a decision is made and then the prize money will be awarded. If the angler/team being protested is a Board member, that board member will be excluded from the vote. The Tournament Director and tournament staff has the right to have a polygraph test given to any Team/Angler at any time. It does not have to be administered at the tournament location but can be set up by the tournament staff. Failure to pass the polygraph will result in disqualification and possible dismissal as well as the angler/team having to pay for the costs of the polygraph test.